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Wednesday, February 7, 2024 Matt Haller Show Notes

Show Notes: Season # 15, Episode # 6 - “Franchise Smarter” with Matt Haller, CEO of the International Franchise AssociationWelcome to [Franchise Today, where week over week, we delve into all of the i...

Monday, February 5, 2024 IFA CEO Matt Haller and the Countdown to Convention: "Franchise Smarter" in 2024!

It's not too late: Register for the IFA Convention Feb.17-20 in Phoenix. Use Promo Code "TODAY" and save $100This week on Franchise Today, Matt Haller, President and CEO of the International Franchis...

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 Show Notes for Season 15, Episode 5: The Intersection of Marketing and Technology with Heather Anderson

Show Notes for Season 15, Episode 5: The Intersection of Marketing and Technology with Heather AndersonWelcome to Franchise Today, the podcast where we dive deep into the stories of the movers and sha...

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About The Show

Welcome to Franchise Today as it celebrates its 14th season in 2023 Join franchise veteran Stan Friedman, every Wednesday at 12 PM ET / 11 AM CT as he serves up discussions with weekly guests, who will talk about best practices for scaling their businesses for sustainable growth, through sensible franchising. As a profession, franchising is unintentional.  Most people don't go to school to study about how to become involved in franchising. Rather, some life event causes it to find us. Each episode of the podcast begins with a look back at how franchising found this week's guest and is followed by a walk through their career up to and including the present day. It could be either a franchisor, franchisee or a supplier, that provides insights into high-level support services or top-quality products to better enable the franchise community. Each podcast will wrap with a look ahead to upcoming industry events, upcoming guests or important dates on the horizon.


on 2/9/2024

Stan has been a key mentor for me as I've navigated this crazy world of franchising for the last 15+ years. He's a fountain of knowledge and one of the most impressive relationship builders I've eve...

on 2/2/2024

Franchise Today is such a wonderful resource for entertainment, learning, and professional development. Highly recommend a listen!

on 1/26/2024

Stan, Thanks again for your great interviews. I was recently asked to rate you and your podcast. Well, the problem is how do you rate a superstar. You have done more for franchising and franchisees ...

on 1/23/2024

I always look forward to Stan's podcast. The quality of his guests is outstanding and Stan's interview style just can't be beat.

on 1/15/2024

I believe I need more than five stars as I founded Franchise Today in 2009. Stan convinced me to keep it going five or so years ago, and joined me as co-host. Two years later my focus shifted and I t...

on 1/2/2024

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Franchise Today with Stan Friedman. Stan's meticulous preparation and attention to detail were remarkable. He thoroughly understood our franchise model before bo...

on 12/19/2023

How I love Franchise Today Podcast? There are many reasons that this 14+ yr old podcast shines. There are interviews that cover various aspects to franchising to listen and learn from. I feel behind w...

on 12/12/2023

I loved getting to know Stan Friedman and being on his podcast. The most amazing thing happened, a top franchisee candidate reached out after listening to our podcast and engaged in conversations w...

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