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on 3/14/2024

I love hearing authentic stories of franchise founders and executives, and Franchise Today delivers just that, week after week! This podcast isn't just a recommendation; it's a genuine testament to the raw, unfiltered experiences that fuel the world of franchising. If you're looking for real insights and genuine inspiration, look no further.

on 2/9/2024

Stan has been a key mentor for me as I've navigated this crazy world of franchising for the last 15+ years. He's a fountain of knowledge and one of the most impressive relationship builders I've ever encountered. Those insights and connections allow him to have valuable conversations with exceptional guests every week on Franchise Today. If you want to know the "who's who" of franchising and better understand how to carve out your own path as a franchisor, franchisee, and/or supplier partner, Franchise Today is a must listen.

on 2/2/2024

Franchise Today is such a wonderful resource for entertainment, learning, and professional development. Highly recommend a listen!

on 1/26/2024

Stan, Thanks again for your great interviews. I was recently asked to rate you and your podcast. Well, the problem is how do you rate a superstar. You have done more for franchising and franchisees than anyone I know. The franchise community is a better place to work and prosper thanks to you and your team. Keep up the work!

on 1/23/2024

I always look forward to Stan's podcast. The quality of his guests is outstanding and Stan's interview style just can't be beat.

on 1/15/2024

I believe I need more than five stars as I founded Franchise Today in 2009. Stan convinced me to keep it going five or so years ago, and joined me as co-host. Two years later my focus shifted and I turned over the reins to Stan. I could not be more proud of what Stan has done with Franchise Today, taking it to heights beyond my wildest dreams. Stan’s professionalism and his commitment to Franchise Today and guests is no different than the highest level of professionalism possible that he has exhibited in franchising along with his steadfast commitment to sustainable franchising, and to franchising as an industry AND community. Stan Musial, the great baseball player from the 50s & 60s earned the nickname, Stan the Man but I’d have to say that Stan Friedman deserves the nickname, as well.

on 1/2/2024

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Franchise Today with Stan Friedman. Stan's meticulous preparation and attention to detail were remarkable. He thoroughly understood our franchise model before booking me. Our on-air conversation was amazing. The biggest surprise? A listener from Houston inquired about our franchise opportunities after hearing the podcast, leading to a successful Discovery Day visit and the awarding of multiple locations. The outcome was beyond expectation—an absolutely incredible experience.

on 12/19/2023

How I love Franchise Today Podcast? There are many reasons that this 14+ yr old podcast shines. There are interviews that cover various aspects to franchising to listen and learn from. I feel behind when I see 10 conversations I have yet and want to hear. Typically, I que up a session for morning walks. What I appreciate most is how Stan brings out the precious and often priceless nuggets that each guest has to offer. He is an excellent host and puts everyone at ease for a free-flowing convos. If you want to be in the "franchise know," this is one of the best podcasts to tune into.

on 12/12/2023 Great Host and amazing audience

I loved getting to know Stan Friedman and being on his podcast. The most amazing thing happened, a top franchisee candidate reached out after listening to our podcast and engaged in conversations with us about franchising Pvolve. They came in today and were awarded multiple locations. The candidate heard about our franchise concept for the first time thru Franchise Today podcast with Stan Friedman. Incredible.
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