Show Notes: Season # 15, Episode # 6 - “Franchise Smarter” with Matt Haller, CEO of the International Franchise Association

Welcome to [Franchise Today, where week over week, we delve into all of the intricacies of franchising. In this episode, we unpack the key takeaways from my enlightening conversation with Matt Haller, CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA). Join us as we explore the highlights of the IFA’s Annual Convention and the future of franchising.

Main Themes of the Episode:

  • Franchising with Intelligence: The upcoming IFA convention in Phoenix, themed “franchise smarter,” will bring together close to 4,000 attendees to discuss the future of responsible franchising.
  • Power of Collaboration: Matt Haller emphasizes the value of shared experiences and fostering interdependent relationships within the franchise industry.
  • Trust and Commitment: A focus on the necessity of trust, particularly for suppliers looking for immediate returns, and the importance of setting realistic expectations for long-term success.
  • Navigating Industry Shifts: Insights into how the infusion of investment capital is changing franchise operations, highlighting success stories like Neighborly and School of Rock.
  • Addressing Industry Challenges: An in-depth look at the joint employer issues and the Federal Trade Commission’s review of franchising rules.
  • Advocacy and Engagement: The call to action for franchisees and franchisors to engage with the Franchise Action Network and the anticipation of Senator Joe Manchin’s keynote speech in keeping with his support for small businesses.
  • Convention Highlights: A preview of the recognition of various speakers and award winners, sessions tailored for multiunit franchisees and team building, and a diverse range of over 70 breakout sessions covering various business topics.
  • Networking and Unpredictability: A discussion on the invaluable, often unpredictable opportunities that arise from networking at IFA’s events.
  • Connect with Matt Haller: An invitation for listeners to reach out to Matt Haller for more information on franchising and the benefits of connecting with the IFA.

Connect with the IFA:

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Franchise Today.. If you’re looking to franchise smarter and understand the pulse of the franchising industry, make sure to connect with the IFA and explore the wealth of resources they offer.

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