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This week on Franchise Today, Matt Haller, President and CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA). offered a deep dive into various critical topics, notably the eagerly anticipated IFA Convention set to take place in less than two weeks in Phoenix. Haller shared insights into the convention, which aims to "franchise smarter" by fostering responsible business practices and enhancing the franchising community, attracting nearly 4,000 participants, including the celebrated Coach Prime.

Haller, emphasized the industry's collaborative spirit and the vital role of sharing experiences to forge long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. He highlighted the IFA's role in setting realistic expectations, promoting trust, particularly among suppliers seeking immediate returns, and navigating the evolving franchising landscape. This includes adapting to the influx of external capital and its effects on operations, exemplified by successful franchises like Neighborly and School of Rock.

The conversation also touched on significant challenges facing the franchise industry, such as joint employer issues and the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) review of franchising regulations. Haller urged for active participation in the Franchise Action Network to address these concerns. The upcoming convention will feature Sen.Joe Manchin as a keynote speaker, recognizing his support for small businesses and bipartisan legislative efforts. Additionally, the event will celebrate various speakers and award winners, and offer over 70 breakout sessions covering a wide range of business topics, including multiunit franchising and team building.





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